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Email List Rental

At eLeadSolution, we offer custom-made email list rental services at an affordable rate, designed to help you meet your marketing goals. Our email database which can be segmented according to gender, location,zip codes, revenue  and job titles–consists of emails and over 3 million business (B2B) email addresses

Build your List

Select from 5 M+ businesses according their business categories, Revenue, Employee Size, Location etc. Target your marketing lists to be exactly what you want.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive, precise and easy-to-manage reports that save you time and support fast, accurate business decisions.

100% opt-in email contacts

Over the years we have amassed a very highly responsive database of business and consumer opt-in contacts across a wide geographical reach with multiple demographical selects.

Realtime Tracking

Our email campaign analytics provides you realtime information about link click through, bounce rates, and open rates.

What does renting an email list mean?

Email rental is quite different from email lists purchase. When you buy an email list, you take possession of the email addresses you select, and have the right to use it as often as you like. Meanwhile, email lists rental is for a single campaign. When you rent an email list, you gain one-time right to contact the name, but we conducts the mailing for you. Therefore, you don’t own the lists. For example, at eLeadSolution, we start an email list rental campaign by segmenting our vast database and crafting your ideal audience segment. We then collect your content and email creative (or, we can help produce the creative for you, if needed). We then make professional edits to remove any words or phrases that could potentially trigger spam traps, and we send your email message out to your audience segment.

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